Body / Face



$ 25.00

(25 minutes)

$ 15.00

(15 minutes)

$ 15.00

(15 minutes)

Full Face
$ 55.00

(45 minutes)

$ 15.00

(15 minutes)

Upper Lip
$ 15.00

(15 minutes)


$ 40.00

Removes hair to the inside of panty line. (20 minutes)

Standard Brazilian

For new clients who have never been sugared or for existing clients who have not been sugared within the 5 week maintenance timeframe. (45 minutes)

Maintenance Brazilian

Existing clients only. Must be within 5 weeks of last service.

Full Back
$ 55.00

(45 minutes)

Full Butt Cheeks
$ 30.00

(20 minutes)

Full Chest
$ 55.00

(45 minutes)


Full Arms
$ 50.00

(1 hour)

Full Leg
$ 95.00

Full leg, including feet & toes. (1 hour)

Half Leg
$ 55.00

Upper or lower leg. (30 minutes)

Frequently Asked Questions – Sugaring

Sugaring is an organic form of hair removal dating back to ancient Egyptian times. Sugar is a water-soluble paste made of lemon (citric acid), sugar, and water. It looks just like honey with a much thicker consistency, and it’s so natural you can actually eat it. Sugar itself is also anti-bacterial by nature. The ingredients found in sugaring paste are both natural and safe for the environment.

A single ball of sugar is applied with gloved hands, and the glove is replaced every time we take more sugar from its container. Every step of our expert sugaring experience is super clean and hygienic. There is never any “double-dipping” during the sugaring process, so you never need to worry about cleanliness or cross-contamination.

No! Your hair only needs to be 1/8th of an inch long (about the size of a grain of rice) for the sugaring paste to adhere to.

Some clients experience a little redness for an hour or so. Sugaring consistently will result in less hair growing back, and the hair that does grow back will be thinner and softer.

Most clients who get sugared regularly come every three to four weeks.


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